Characters of Fantastacy

Dirk - Impulsive Hero

Dirk is a brave new hero looking for a quest. He isn't particularly concerned what type of quest it is, he merely wants to prove himself. His eagerness often causes him to charge straight into any situation, regardless of how dangerous or ridiculous it might be. He has recently suffered head trauma, and he may not be able to remember certain events from his past. It's hard to tell, because Dirk doesn't really think before he acts anyway. Dirk previously attended Adventuring School, where he claims to have graduated at the top of his class. That's a frightening thought.

Anne - Headstrong Princess

Princess Anne isn't exactly the type most would take for an heir to a royal house. Tired of an overprotective father who doesn't enjoy her rebellious nature, Anne seeks an opportunity to prove she can take care of herself. However, she really doesn't know all that much about the outside world, so she instead decides to travel with Dirk, which is about as close to being completely on your own as you can get. She wasn't expecting to run into any real danger, though, so it looks like Anne may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Gustav - Narcissistic Knight

The Great Gustav (also known as "The Scarlet Rose", apparently) is the beautiful and arrogant captain of the royal knights. Despite his frail appearance, he is a skilled and respected knight. Dirk, however, does not respect him, and refuses to play by his rules, which makes Gustav very angry. Gustav is obsessed with hunting Dirk down and challenging him to an honourable duel to settle this grievance. Gustav is also a favourite of His Majesty, and is the King's choice for Anne's suitor. He seems to enjoy this role, even though Anne would just as soon have nothing to do with him. Perhaps he has aspirations to be king, or he may just be enticed by the fact that Anne is the first woman who has not been enamoured of him.

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