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I'm Bored...
I'm Your New Roomate!
It's a Collaboration
Dividing Up the Jobs
That's it! Fantastacy!
An Artwork Sample
The Three R's
Welcome Aboard
Random Expository Statement
And So It Begins... (Fantastacy)
This One's In The Bag
They Call Me 'The Stoog'!
Fanart Silliness
The Door Plan
Nothing Going On (Fantastacy)
Tracing Corruption (Fantastacy)
Suddenly Awesome
College Meal #1
Many Disappointments
Fooled you! (Fantastacy)
Verbal Inconsistancy (Fantastacy)
Stoog's 'Indentafication'
Down Drawbridge! (Fantastacy)
I've Come to Kill You! (Fantastacy)
Dave is Confusing
Last Time On Fantastacy (Fantastacy)
A Tournament of Dirk (Fantastacy)
The Dumbest Action Sequence Ever (Fantastacy)
'Till The Morrow (Fantastacy)
Getting Priorities Straight
Dave the Artist (Fantastacy)
Another New Beginning (Fantastacy)
Drawing Shortcut (Fantastacy)
Dispatched! (Fantastacy)
Student Center
The Point of College
Just Take a Look!
The Most Dangerous Journey (Fantastacy)
Names Revisited
Hopes and Dreams (Fantastacy)
The Obvious Choice (Fantastacy)
The Better Part of Valor (Fantastacy)
It All ADDs Up Now
There's No Escape (Fantastacy)
It's Been Redone
The TechnoStudent
Working Hard or Hardly Working?
It'll All Be Okay (Fantastacy)
Dave Thinks Fast (Fantastacy)
Dramatic Narrative (Fantastacy)
Here We Go Again (Fantastacy)
Set It Up and They Will Come
Needs More Sleep
Moment's Reprieve (Fantastacy)
The Natural Enemy of Web Comics
Online Comics Day
Think of a Way (Fantastacy)
Dave Fills In (Fantastacy)
Depreciating Art
Voice Recognition (Fantastacy)
Qwerty's Choice
Uncomplicated Cat
Digital Artists' Pet Peeve
Adjustment Period
Not Actually a Broken Wrist (Fantastacy)
Fancy Electronic Mousepad
Memory Leak
Tablet Dave
Recap Episode (Fantastacy)
The Right Place (Fantastacy)
In a Lot of Trouble (Fantastacy)
Missing Pages
Reverse Linking
Shadow Magic Activate! (Fantastacy)
Assignmenty Death
Absolute Conformity
Birthday Cardmic
Angrily Pacifistic (Fantastacy)
Dave's New Friends
Attention-Grabbing Secret Move (Fantastacy)
Temporal Continuity
Cannot Locate Server
It Keeps Going On (Fantastacy)
Thrilling Preview!
The Pog Problem
Genchan and the Government
It's Stabbing Time! (Fantastacy)
Bravepidity (Fantastacy)
Sciences vs Humanities
In the Dark
Decisions, Decisions...
Laptop People
Who Are You?
Ringing a Bell
Ultimate Headball
Memory Melody
Rough Draft (Fantastacy)
Close the Doors
Inexplicable Injury
No Pressure
Hard Work or Hardly Working? (Fantastacy)
Authentic Boredom (Fantastacy)
Nothing Changes
Kevin's Night Out
Subtle Humour (Fantastacy)
Aborted Story Arc
Confusing Action Scene (Fantastacy)
For the Love of the Craft
Poor Mr Squeakums (Fantastacy)
Still on the Mend
How Will We Get Out of This One? (Fantastacy)
The End? (Fantastacy)
Critique Our Comic!
The Freedom to Realize Your Dreams
A New Form of Monotony
Making It all Better (Fantastacy)
Fleeting Light (Fantastacy)
It Takes One To Know One
Never Second Guess (Fantastacy)
Whatever You Say (Fantastacy)
Sporadic Schedule
The End of an Era
Just Say No (Fantastacy)
Modern Medicine (Fantastacy)
Question and Answer
The Neverending Story (Fantastacy)
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